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Mitch Levinson


Mitch Levinson has helped businesses use technology to bring their company message to the market and drive sales over his entire career. He works with our clients to create a solid marketing foundation for their online footprint. Mitch’s expertise is in building websites that generate leads, and integrating creative, search, social and content to drive qualified buyers to our clients. Using those tools around the core of a strong blog and website, he unifies the company brand message and delivers it to their target market. He has experience in a variety of industries including... More

Lauren Pond

Office Manager

Lauren is the go-to person for many of the day-to-day tasks that keep the Chicago office running smoothly. She is responsible for keeping Mitch in line, recruiting, orchestrating marketing collateral and keeping each team member organized. You might say her typical day is... More

Doug Silk

SEO Manager

Doug is the mRELEVANCE go to guy for anything Google. He collaborates with the development team to ensure that new sites are properly optimized prior to launch, and he works with existing site owners to improve their site visibility and rankings. Doug helps our clients get... More

Jason Grey

Web Developer

Jason has been building websites for 18 years and getting paid for about half of that time, which proves his passion for the art. He thinks the most important principle of design is knowing how to build complex things from simple pieces. At mRELEVANCE, he will do just that... More

Ricky Bakosh

Design Director

Ricky is driven by his desire to create. He has honed his ability to see ‘through the clutter’ and never lose sight of the possible, while always targeting the business objectives. As the mRELEVANCE Design Director, Ricky has his hands on each piece of marketing - both... More

Carole Johnson

Marketing Manager

Carole reaches out to our potential clients. She showcases the tremendous talent at Marketing RELEVANCE by turning up the spotlight on our products and services. Using our innovative digital assets combined with targeted traditional media, she calls attention to our small... More

Eric Pfeiffer

Web Developer

Eric specializes in building search engine optimized websites and blogs. Eric has worked in most areas of web development, from configuring and managing servers to back-end software development. Eric develops the back and front end infrastructures of each site, all while... More

Jason Hemmy

Lead Web Developer

Jason builds and maintains data driven websites utilizing industry standard frameworks or fully custom solutions depending on the project. He keeps his ear to the ground for new and up-in-coming technologies so we can always stay on top of current trends and practices.... More



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