Oksana Malevanaia

SEO Specialist

Oksana has a passion for search engine optimization. She has an entrepreneurial spirit, an eagerness when searching for opportunities that will allow her to grow and she is persistent when it comes to reaching her professional goals. As the mRELEVANCE SEO Specialist, Oksana assists with day-to-day SEO tasks including updating online citations, monitoring site audits, implementing tag changes and more. In addition, she continuously shares hot news in SEO and web development on mRELEVANCE’s virtual blackboard to engage the entire team in the SEO and creative process, while also addressing the needs of expectations of clients.

Career Highlight: For her graduation project, Oksana successfully implemented strategy that made the company’s website stronger (from 2 to 72 points out of 100), while also increasing its search and referral traffic up to 40 percent. Overall, the changes resulted in new orders, phone calls and customer engagement with the business.

Industry Involvement: Oksana actively participates in professional meet-ups and workshops in the Chicago area that are held by Microsoft, Google, 1871, DevBootCamp and Groupon. She also subscribes to a variety of newsletters and blogs that provide up-to-date industry tips, changes and trends.

Professional Designations: Oksana holds Google Partner Certifications in Google Analytics and AdWords Search.

Favorite Quote: "Life begins where fear ends.” -Osho 

Fun Fact: Oksana enjoys playing chess in tournaments with opponents ranging in age from 5 to 85 years old!

Superpower: Oksana’s super power that she really does possess is her ability to see the silver lining in every cloud.

Hobbies: In her spare time, Oksana enjoys digital photography, yoga and ballroom dancing.

Hometown: Minsk, Belarus

Education: Digital Communications degree from the University of Milan in Italy

Full Professional Bio

SEO Specialist Oksana Malevanaia originally began taking classes in web design and development at Oakton Community College in 2001 and built her first website for a chess coach in 2002. From 2002 until 2006, she launched more than 15 websites for the Math and Technologies and Business departments at Oakton Community College. In 2005, she started learning the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and became so passionate about the subject that she dedicated her graduation project at the University of Milan to that evolving topic. After obtaining her degree in 2011, she started up various projects to help companies and small businesses gain online visibility via SEO and social media. Now, she helps mRELEVANCE clients succeed by improving their website performance on a daily basis, keeping track of vital metrics and providing recommendations to reach their goals of obtaining more clients and sales.

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