Shreyas Gaonkar

Graphic Designer and Front-End Web Developer

Shreyas works primarily on web design and optimizing new sites for web and mobile devices. He focuses on front-end web development creating rich content with visually appealing design. Shreyas understands the importance of user experience and takes that into consideration while designing for functionality and creating user interfaces. He also makes use of SEO practices for better search engine rankings and Analytics tools to better understand the user.

Career Highlight: Developed a live-steaming project at Undergrad College, which witnessed 30GB’s of data from around the country.

Favorite Quote: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci, and Apple  

Fun Fact: Shreyas played live at Hard Rock Café in Mumbai

Superpower: Shreyas would love to have an eidetic memory (like Sheldon Cooper).

Hobbies: Playing guitar, photography and playing video games.

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics Engineering) from the University of Mumbai and a Master of Science (Computer Engineering) at the University of Illinois at Chicago

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Full Professional Bio

Shreyas spends most of his time creating fully responsive websites to increase user interaction and trying to drive traffic to it. He realized his potential in becoming a full-time web developer early during his undergraduate years, when a freelance web design project became available soon after he started coding websites. Since then, Shreyas has worked on several websites including for his undergraduate college and at the graduate level for the College of Medicine.

Shreyas has completed several internships as Lead Web Developer, designing websites and handling all aspects of web development. He tries to learn and use the latest technologies and frameworks in his projects following industry standards. Working here is Shreyas’ first full-time job and he can’t wait to dive deep into this field.

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