Sweet Potato Pie, a favorite Thanksgiving dish

The famous sweet potato pie mentioned by several of our employees as a favorite

The mRELEVANCE team wishes all of our friends and family a joyous, plentiful Thanksgiving this year and every year to come. We are thankful for so much this year, it would be impossible to list everything, but know that we include all of you on that list. We consider you part of the family, so we wanted to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods with you. We hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, filled with all your favorite foods too!

And now, we present the favorite foods and dishes of the entire mRELEVANCE team. (more…)

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mRELEVANCE Wins 2 Gold HermesmRELEVANCE, LLC is the recent recipient of two gold 2014 Hermes Creative Awards in the landing page and newspaper placement categories for work performed for clients Keystone Custom Homes and Ashton Woods (Atlanta Division). The Hermes Creative Awards is considered one of the most prestigious awards programs in the marketing, public relations and communications industries.

“We are delighted by these wins,” says Carol Morgan, managing partner of mRELEVANCE. “Social media and public relations are absolutely essential to the success of companies in today’s world of constant connection. With consumers so inundated with information from so many forms of media, companies need expert help to ensure their brand and message get through all the ‘background noise.’ Winning these awards validates that our team’s expert capabilities do just that for our clients, increasing their reach to potential customers in creative, innovative and impactful ways.” (more…)

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Cover Images Internet Billboard Equivalent

Cover images are the free billboards of the Internet. Are you getting the most out of yours?

If someone offered your company a free billboard on a major interstate constantly clogged with traffic, would you turn it down? Are you laughing right now at how ludicrous the thought of passing up that kind of advertising space seems?  Stop laughing, because your company may be doing just that right now online. Cover images on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube are the equivalent of a free billboard on the world’s busiest highway, the Internet.  Do you know how to best utilize that ad space?

Very few companies are actually maximizing their usage of cover photos, wasting a free billboard and missing opportunities to promote their products. mRELEVANCE, an industry leader in Internet and social media marketing, has some great tips and tricks for how to best utilize that free Internet billboard, the cover or timeline photo.

Your cover image should be used for publicity and social impact.  It should change monthly, and always stay on brand. Be aware that the sizes of cover images change from site to site, and be sure to check its appearance on both a computer and on a smartphone- be mindful of the mobile experience at all times. Use your cover image for incentives, promotion, or anything else you would want to put on your free billboard. Use a consumer-generated photo of real people enjoying your product for an incredibly powerful positive impact on your conversion rate. Hold a contest, and feature the winning photo as a cover image to really drive your traffic and fan interaction skywards.

With the incredible impact real photos have, your cover image should never contain stock images. The industry is seeing a five to seven percent increase in conversion rates after consumers interact with real people’s photos, a two to three times higher conversion rate. Seventy eight percent of people trust recommendations from others, as opposed to only 14 percent who trust advertisements: let your happy fans drive more consumers to you by using their photos.

Your cover image should not be your logo nor contain your logo; there is another place for that: your avatar or profile picture. Leave your cover image free for promotions.

Cover images should never be boring, low resolution, or stagnant.  Keep them vibrant and engaging, high resolution, and changing frequently, to best maximize your impact.  Make sure to include exciting visuals with images and words. Be catchy! After all, if consumers can’t read your billboard, or it’s so old it’s become part of the landscape, what kind of effect can it have for your company and its bottom line?

By treating your cover photos like the high-value promotional space they are, the veritable free billboards of the Internet, you can maximize your impact online, adding cache to your brand and cash to your bottom line.  For more information on digital marketing, contact the experts at mRELEVANCE and let us get that billboard up for your traffic. Reach out to us today at or call us at 770-383-3360.

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mRELEVANCE design for Keystone Custom Homes

mRELEVANCE Designed “Say ‘I Do’ to Your New Home” for Keystone Custom Homes

Builder Magazine recently covered mRELEVANCE and client Keystone Custom Homes in its online edition after a successful pitch by our public relations team. The story centers on the builder’s successful Pinterest campaign, “Say ‘I Do’ to Your New Home,” developed by mRELEVANCE and features a Q&A with Keystone’s Vice President of Marketing and Information Technology, Janette Hawkins, and mRELEVANCE’s managing partner, Carol Morgan.

The online article,  which ran Nov. 10, praises mRELEVANCE and Keystone Custom Homes for a one-of-a-kind  marketing campaign designed to increase engagement on the builder’s Pinterest profile and spread awareness of its New Home Bridal Registry Program. This program allows engaged couples to register with Wells Fargo Bank to create a checking/savings account comprised of contributions made by themselves or friends and family. The money can be applied towards a down payment on any Keystone home, though there is no obligation to buy from the builder. Unique to the building industry, the program required a one-of-a kind promotion. (more…)

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Bellmoore Park WebsitemRELEVANCE, LLC announces the launch of The Providence Group of Georgia, LLC’s new website for its most anticipated metro Atlanta community, Bellmoore Park. Designed to be a hub for all things Bellmoore Park, the new website showcases cutting edge technology to provide visitors with a user-friendly and interactive home buying experience.

“While the ultimate goal was to build a website that provided comprehensive information on Bellmoore Park, this website accomplishes that and more. This new website will prove to be a trendsetter in the interactive online community,” said Mitch Levinson, managing partner at mRELEVANCE. “The Providence Group is a premier Atlanta home builder setting the standard for quality home design and exceptional customer service. This website exceeds that reputation and further establishes The Providence Group as a leader both online and onsite.”   (more…)

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mRELEVANCE at OBIEs 2014mRELEVANCE, LLC won six OBIE awards at the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s (GAHBA) 34th Annual OBIE Awards. The marketing, communication and interactive agency won four gold and two silver awards; completely sweeping two categories.

“We are proud that our work is creative, effective, and award-winning. It is an honor to be recognized once again by our industry peers,” said Carol Morgan, managing partner of mRELEVANCE. “We are proud of the work we did for The Providence Group on their interactive tool, of our email marketing and social media campaigns for Traton Homes and the Rialto Management Group, and of our own social media campaign. These wins are further indication of what a strong team we have and of what a quality top-to-bottom agency we’ve put together.”


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mRELEVANCE offers Free Q4 ReviewsYes, we said FREE.  The mRELEVANCE team is offering FREE reviews of SEO, Social Media, Websites and more.  The catch is, you must contact us before the year comes to a close. With the New Year almost here, your company’s marketing should be ready for 2015.  How do your strategic plans look? Are you confident about the direction for social media? Has the SEO for your website kept up with all of the recent and ongoing changes Google has made? Is your website mobile friendly? If your answer to any of these questions is anything less than an enthusiastic  “YES,” then it is time to pick up the phone and call mRELEVANCE.  YES, that is a sales pitch!  We are here to prepare you for 2015. Give us a shout and let us know what you would like to have reviewed! (more…)

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HomeAid Atlanta

Partnering with mRELEVANCE for Third Year

mRELEVANCE, LLC is proud to announce its 2015 marketing and media sponsorship of HomeAid Atlanta, a nonprofit organization committed to building and maintaining dignified housing for families and individuals experiencing temporary homelessness. In its third year as a sponsor, mRELEVANCE will contribute ad space to HomeAid Atlanta’s Platinum sponsors providing them with a much sought-after marketing benefit.

“It is such a privilege to once again work with and sponsor HomeAid Atlanta,” says Carol Morgan, managing partner of mRELEVANCE. “This is such a worthy organization with an incredibly noble mission that has made a huge impact in our community, allowing countless numbers of people to turn their lives around. ” (more…)

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Innovate Building Solutions

Innovate Building Solutions, On the Cutting Edge of Design Trends

Kitchen+Bath Business will be covering mRELEVANCE client Innovate Building Solutions, and its president, Mike Foti, in an upcoming feature successfully pitched by the mRELEVANCE team. The story will cover wet rooms, one of the remodeling industry’s hottest trends of 2014, in both the print and online versions of its December magazine issue.

Innovate Building Solutions is receiving all of this wonderful press for its position as an expert at the forefront of the cutting edge building trend in bathrooms, wet rooms.  Modern and minimalistic, wet rooms have been a big trend overseas for several years and are catching on stateside due to their luxurious feel, sleek design, space-saving nature and ease of care.

Extremely easy to clean, the wet room, a barrier-free, all-encompassing shower enclosure, is designed for long-term and low-maintenance performance, promising many years of homebuyer happiness. Additionally, they are extremely customizable to the needs of the homeowner, allowing for personalization to fit unique tastes and design visions. The addition of comfort-related upgrades like heated tiles, a steam shower and fantastic safety features are ideal for those seeking to incorporate universal design into their homes.

Additionally, Kitchen+Bath Business recently covered Innovate in its Industry Watch e-Newsletter, showcasing Fluerco barrier-free shower bases. These features will be seen by more than 50,000 kitchen and bath designers, architects, remodelers and custom builders. Industry Watch highlighted the results of a recent study conducted by Remodeling Magazine comparing the cost vs. value of common remodeling projects. The report showed that homeowners investing in bathroom remodeling projects can expect to recoup 72.5 percent of their overall project costs. Innovate Building Solutions offers an easy to install line of acrylic shower base products, perfect for tub-to-shower conversions, simplifying a modern bathroom upgrade and capitalizing on the growing trends in the design industry.

To learn more about mRELEVANCE’s public relations services, click here.

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Yelp, one of the Internet’s most popular review sites

Online reviews: a perilous new world full of potential public relations nightmares, but filled with rich rewards for those able to navigate it successfully. Are you getting the first bite at this juicy apple?

mRELEVANCE, a veteran of online reputation management, has developed successful programs for clients in some of the most review-crucial industries, like the residential building industry. Home buying is a very emotionally-invested process, and positive, glowing reviews can be exactly what it takes to sway a prospective home buyer to choose your company over the competition. Conversely, one bad review can send prospective buyers running.  Clients in a myriad of industries have benefited tremendously from mRELEVANCE’s expert guidance in online reputation management.  So, why should you care about online reputation management? How much, really, can it impact your business?  (more…)

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