10 Tips for Innovative MarketingMetro Atlanta new home sales and marketing professionals: don’t miss the chance to hear Marketing RELEVANCE Managing Partner Mitch Levinson’s “10 Tips for Innovative Marketing” next week in Atlanta.

Mitch is the keynote speaker at the monthly Atlanta Sales & Marketing Council (SMC) meeting. He will cover topics and tactics that include insights on mobile, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, interactive marketing campaigns and more. (more…)

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Designed to (P)inspiremRELEVANCE, LLC is excited to announce the launch of The Providence Group of Georgia, LLC’s Pinterest contest, Designed to (P)inspire. Developed to promote the grand opening of the builder’s first-ever Design Center, participants are invited to create a dream home board using images of interiors, exteriors and outdoor living spaces for a chance to win a $250 Pottery Barn gift card. The contest ends October 31, and the winner will be announced on November 3, 2014.

“As Pinterest grows in popularity, we continue to work to capture its momentum for our clients,” said Carol Morgan, managing partner of Marketing RELEVANCE. “The Providence Group’s campaign has very specific goals including driving online traffic from Pinterest to their website.” (more…)

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Brookstone Manor clubhouse by Fortress BuildersRecently, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter reached out to mRELEVANCE for interview access after reading our news release announcing Fortress Builders’ new homes at Brookstone Country Club. Fortress Builders currently offers new homes in three sections of the popular country club in West Cobb, making them the perfect builder to highlight in the online and print article, “Fairway views lure buyers.”

Written by H.M. Cauley, the article highlights the draw of many master-planned communities – golf courses. Currently, Fortress Builders is constructing new ranch condominium homes in Brookstone Manor, the active adult section of Brookstone County Club. In addition, Fortress Builders has homes available in The Farm at Brookstone, the final phase of the country club, as well as Links at Brookstone. (more…)

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Keystone Custom Homes Niche BoardsIf you’ve launched your business’ Pinterest page and are looking for ways to really make the most of your account, here are some tips from our Pinterest pros at mRELEVANCE.

Connect to Facebook: One really valuable way to integrate Pinterest into your bigger social media program is to use Facebook to promote your Pinterest account. Combining the power of Facebook with Pinterest is an opportunity you can’t ignore. In addition to posting about your profile, you can easily add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page.

Build Niche Boards: Build your boards with your target audience in mind, pinning the photos your potential clients or customers would most like to see. Some pinners are more likely to follow specific boards that interest them directly, rather than follow all of your boards. Give each board a theme, so that once visitors reach your boards, they will find lots of content for pinning. Keep in mind that your boards and pins should tell visitors all about your business, brand, mission and values. (more…)

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Search Engine OptimizationWhen you launch a new website, you probably know that you’ll need to spend some time (and money) on search engine optimization (SEO). And you probably know that SEO isn’t a one-time kind of thing, but how often do you really need to do SEO?

All the time. No, really. All the time. SEO isn’t something you can do once or twice or even a few times a year. It is an ongoing process and here’s why:

•    Algorithms change: Google’s search algorithms change more than once a day. Most of those changes are small and designed to improve search results by weeding out spam and low quality content, but from time to time Google releases major updates that substantially change the way we do SEO. These updates can significantly change where your site shows up in search results. You need an SEO specialist that understands each update and can ensure that changes to the algorithm won’t negatively impact traffic to your website.   (more…)

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Google AlgorithmIf you’ve heard references to Panda, Penguin or Pigeon from SEO-ers and website people and from context clues surmised that it doesn’t have to do with zoology but rather some kind of change to how Google works, you’re right. While Google doesn’t share their algorithm or exact details on the changes to it, they do share some basic information and SEO experts who closely follow the changes can give general information about the effects of each of the major updates.

First, what is an algorithm? It’s a technique/formula/procedure used to solve a problem – when we’re talking about Google’s algorithm, it’s the exact method that the search engine uses to decide where a website will show up in your search results (it’s how it decides how to order your search results). As you can probably imagine, it’s top secret.   (more…)

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Florida SMC Sales AcademyMarketing RELEVANCE managing partners Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan team up with Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions, Inc. as the Florida Sales and Marketing Council takes its Sales Academy on the road with the second of two educational events in 2014, The Sales Academy Road Show.

Mitch, Carol and Kimberly will present a half-day seminar specifically tailored for new home onsite agents at the Miromar Design Center in Estero, Fla. on Tuesday, September 16, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At both events, Mitch and Carol will tag-team present two 45-minute sessions, one on social media and the other on using mobile technology to generate leads. Kimberly will present her popular session on Realtor® relations. (more…)

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mRELEVANCE If you’re looking for help marketing your company and/or products or services, there are many benefits to hiring a marketing agency. A professional marketing company can provide overall strategic direction, expertise and resources, as well as fresh perspective and insight into your customers, products and business. With a marketing agency, you don’t have to manage the day-to-day duties of project execution, management and administration and you get top-level marketing professionals with a wide-range of skills and knowledge who can creatively and efficiently execute a successful marketing program. However, there is much to consider when hiring a marketing company; here are 13 lucky questions that you should ask of every prospective agency before making a decision about which to choose.

1.    How long have you been in the business?
A good number of ambitious marketers set out on their own, ready to blaze trails without the burden of any superiors and launch their own marketing companies. A couple of years go by and they’re forced to close the doors on their struggling small businesses. You don’t want to have to deal with finding a new company in eighteen months, but more importantly, you want a company with longevity because it shows that they must be doing something right to be able to stay in business. Their years’ of business experience and know-how will benefit your company; they will have experience with what works and will be able to offer a learned perspective and understanding of your business goals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that about half of all businesses make it to the five-year mark; choose a company that has been in business for at least five years for the best assurance that you have a team that will be around for the long haul. (more…)

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Bailee GarwoodAt the Atlanta office of mRELEVANCE, we offer our interns real-world experience in the communications field. We treat our interns as we would any other team member. They are trained to write news releases and blog posts, create social media statuses that encourage engagement and research without using the “knowledge” of Wikipedia. This summer, we had the privilege of welcoming back past intern, Bailee Garwood. A current senior majoring in marketing at the University of Georgia, Bailee enjoyed her internship last summer so much that she wanted to intern with us again in 2014.

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Traton Homes' Montgomery ParkRecently, the Atlanta Journal Constitution featured three of our home building clients online and in the print publication. Traton Homes, Smith Douglas Homes and Ashton Woods Homes each offer communities near suburban, downtown cores, making them perfect fits for the article, “Living close to town.”

Written by H.M. Cauley, the article highlighted the trend that new downtowns where homeowners can live, work and play are becoming more popular in the metro area and are an alternative to isolated subdivisions. The reporter reached out to mRELEVANCE for help finding builders to interview as sources. (more…)

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